Learn How Important It Is To Take A Daily Break From Technology

Technology (Internet and Internet-enabled gadgets) has been beneficial to human beings in a number of ways. However, as people indulge more and more in Internet-based activities, they lose out on actual human interaction, not to mention they stand a higher risk of suffering psychological and behavioral disorders. Taking a break from Technology, once in a while, has numerous benefits including stress relief, reduction of antisocial behavior, minimal risk of developing Internet Use Disorder and other disorders, as well as increased efficiency at tasks.

Benefits Of Taking A Break From Technology:

Reduced Risk Of Becoming Antisocial

Some people spend most of their times chatting or accessing information/ entertainment on their Internet-enabled gadgets, hence spend minimal time making effort to interact with people in real time. Excessive indulgence in Technology affects people’s social skills adversely. Putting those Internet-enabled gadgets aside can help people re-learn their real-time human interaction skills.

Reduced Risk Of Internet Use Disorder

Internet Use Disorder is the latest yet-to-be-confirmed mental disorder. Like other addictions, dependence on technology develops gradually until technology users regularly feel a perpetual need to use their gadgets to access whatever information/ entertainment their social networks provide. Some people have reported being unable to stop the extreme use of technology.

Reduced Risk Of Sleep And Other Psychological Disorders

Excessive use of technology sees many people spend most of their time on their gadgets even when they should be sleeping. In addition to the extreme time spent on these devices, it is said that the light that these gadgets emit interferes with the production of serotonin, the sleep hormone. Reduced serotonin levels in the blood alter sleep patterns.

Increased Multitasking Efficiency

Technology has made the completion of some tasks convenient at any location. As people take their gadgets home/ office/ school, they believe they can conduct online activities and handle tasks at hand. Unfortunately, this multitasking fails and each of the tasks is only done partially. Putting technology aside can help people manage tasks more efficiently.

Stress Recovery

The human mind requires time to rest and recharge just as gadgets need to be powered off to reboot. Carrying on with the use of technology long after the official working hours can prevent the brain from resting. Putting technology aside can give the brain time to rest.


Technology has made many things easier and faster, but it has also interfered with healthy living styles. Everyone needs to learn to take a break from technology in order to create real-time networks, as well as give his/her brain time to rest. Technology disconnection can help people relieve stress and avoid being antisocial.