Tips To Cook Poutine For Yourself

Poutine is a very famous dish in Quebec, but over the last few years, it has managed to get remarkable global acclaim. Poutine is a very simple dish and simply assembles French fries, cheese and a thick and delicious sauce. However, you don’t need to go to a restaurant just to enjoy poutine. In fact, you can basically make it at home without any hassle. Here is an overview of a few tips to help you in this regard:

  • Cooking The Fries: When you are preparing the fries for poutine, it’s best to pick either russets or Idaho potatoes. You can cut the potatoes the way you want—either or big; it all depends on you. Fry them in peanut oil until they are ready.
  • The Cheese: Creating good quality cheese is a necessity in preparing poutine. However, finding good quality cheese curds can be quite challenging. However, if you live in Quebec, you are in luck since you can find curd cheese in every corner. Additionally, make sure the cheese is fresh.
  • Creating the Sauce: After you are done with the making the fries and preparing the cheese, you can now move on to the sauce. The poutine sauce is in most cases gravy-like. The great thing is, you can find a number of simple recipes online to help you make a good sauce.
  • Assembling The Poutine: The final stage is now to assemble your poutine. Make sure that your French fries and sauce are all super hot. The cheese will do if it’s at room temperature. Take a bowl and put in your fries and then sprinkle the cheese curds. Pour the sauce and enjoy. However, don’t drown the fries in the sauce, they can become soggy. Just put in the right amount and you will be good to go.

Enjoying poutine at home is easy and when you take a look at the simple ways of preparing it, there is no doubt anyone can be able to get it ready in a few minutes. For more details on poutine, please follow our blog today.