The Basics Of Orzo Pasta


Orzo pasta is one of the popular types of pasta that is made to reassemble the shape of grain rice. Although a lot of people consume Orzo in soup, the pasta is very versatile and can be used in different recipes including innovative variations. The word Orzo which is the name of the pasta actually means “Barley” in Italian. Although the consumption of Orzo is quite prevalent in a lot of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries, it is mostly popularly consumed in Greece. Orzo is often small sized pasta and this makes it easy and fun to cook and eat. The pasta can be served in a variety of recipes. The following are some of the popular ways Orzo pasta is consumed:

• Soups: One of the popular ways of enjoying Orzo pasta is through soups. A lot of people in the Mediterranean countries and the Middle East actually have made it a mainstay in their soup recipes and, the pasta fits perfectly for a better and unique taste. However, you can still be innovative on how you serve it. Try to put in some twists of your own and see how it tastes with soup.

• Used in Pilaf: In Greece, Orzo pasta consumption goes beyond the soup. In fact, it has found amazing combinations in Pilaf. In most cases, a lot of people who are using a pilaf rice recipe would prefer to substitute the rice with the Orzo and the results are definitely remarkable. You can also try to substitute any rice recipe you have with Orzo just to experiment and see how it will taste.

• Baked in casserole: If you are looking for something a little unique, don’t forget to bake Orzo in casserole. It really comes out very fine. You can use it with stuffed squash or pepper. The great thing about Orzo is that it absorbs flavor quite easily; so it’s so easy to cook and season with your own additives.

The popularity of Orzo pasta is definitely rising and looking at the various recipe variations that it can fit to, it’s definitely clear why. For more information on Orzo pasta please follow us on our blog today.