Junk Food That Is Better For You Than You Thought

Everyone likes to snack every now and then, but with more and more people seeking healthier options, many food choices have become taboo. However, we here at All Web Magazine are aware that there are many foods out there that people consider to be bad, but they are surprisingly good for you. Here is an overview of some common junk food that is good for you:

Beef jerky

Many people believe that beef jerky is unhealthy because it’s preserved meat. However, if you choose the right brands without preservatives and all the other unhealthy additions, then you’ve got yourself a pretty healthy, blood sugar-balancing snack.

Pork rinds

If you enjoy eating crunchy and salty snacks like potato chips, crackers and popcorn, then chances are you enjoy eating pork rinds, as well. Many people wrongly believe that pork rinds are bad for you, but with the large amount of healthy fat in these no-carb snacks, you couldn’t ask for a healthier potato chip alternative. You will want to be careful about the brands that you choose, because the flavorings and other additives can make them unhealthy. Choose the kind that you cook in the microwave and you can’t go wrong.

Sour cream

Nothing is more delectable than a taco or burrito with a healthy portion of full-fat sour cream, right? Well, you may have been avoiding sour cream on your healthy eating plan due to believing it’s bad. The healthy fat in sour cream is good, and it can help keep you satisfied for longer periods of time.

Chocolate bars

Who doesn’t like the delicious creaminess of a chocolate bar on an occasional (or regular) basis? Not many people. Most people believe that chocolate bars are bad for obvious reasons, when in fact, chocolate is quite healthy. Chocolate contains flavonoids, which promote heart health. So enjoy your chocolate bars, but in moderation. Dark chocolate contains more flavonoids than milk chocolate, although milk chocolate is healthy in moderation, as well.

So, as you can see, there is some yummy junk food that is good for you yet you may have been avoiding it. By adding these foods back into your diet, you will increase your chances of adhering to a healthier eating plan long-term, without feeling deprived in the process.

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