Supermarket Cereals That Are Actually Good For You

All this while, people have been hearing that supermarket cereals are bad for them and that they should put a brake on their consumption of these processed cereals. The truth is that not all of the supermarket cereals are bad for health! There are some good supermarket cereals out there which are wholesome, nutritious and healthy. So if you are looking for healthy cereal then you just need to drop in at your local supermarket and pick out the good ones.

Knowing which cereals are good for you is important. Barbara’s original puffins are a great choice, these crunch, wheat-free and dairy free cereals make a delicious breakfast dish. Moreover, the fact that it is rich in dietary fiber and very lightly sweetened makes it all the more appealing. If you prefer something sweeter but not necessarily wreaking havoc in your system while doing so then you should opt for the Cinnamon puffins from Barbara.

Another very healthy cereal available in the supermarket is the Red Mill Granola (Coconut) from Bob’s. This one comes with healthy fats from the coconut and other delicious ingredients such as molasses, sesame seeds, and finally topped off with vanilla flavor.

You can also try out Multi-grain cereal squares from Cascadian Farms. These miniature squares are full of all things good for your body from whole wheat to rice to corn. Thus, if you want to add a healthy dose of protein in your diet then you should opt for these. You can also opt for Erewhon Raisin bran if you love cereals that are filling. This one is organic in nature and is made up of just five ingredients. It also scores high on protein and fiber, thereby making it a great choice as a breakfast item.

Cheerios are a classic breakfast item in America for a reason. This delicious and healthy cereal offers a whopping three grams of fiber in every serving. The primary ingredient of Cheerios is whole grain oats. The cereal tastes best when topped off with one’s favorite fruits. On the downside this cereal is low on protein but it can be compensated by consuming a dollop of plain yogurt after snacking on Cheerios!

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