How To Get Endorsements And Sponsorships For Your Band


How to Get Endorsements and Sponsorships For Your Band

Almost every business runs on sponsors but getting a good sponsor who will finance your operation is very, very difficult. There are thousands of bands out there competing for sponsors and sponsorships and it is an extremely competitive market. How do you ensure that you get the best deals and the best sponsors?

It’s Not Difficult but It Does Take a Lot of Effort

There is one fundamental fact that is true regarding all sponsors. Sponsors do not care about what you are getting from the deal. They are more interested in finding out what you can do for them. So, if you want to get the best sponsors and the best deals, you have to change your viewpoint. Instead of considering what you can get from your sponsor, you have to consider what both of you are getting from the deal.

This may be a little difficult, but here is how you can do it:

o Ask the Sponsor What He Wants – One of the best ways to get a sponsorship deal is by providing the sponsor exactly what he wants. For example, the sponsor may be trying to break into the tween clothing market. In that case, you can promote yourself to the sponsor by showcasing your tween fan base. In this case, you are fulfilling a need and you are more than likely to end up with a good deal.

o Modify Your Approach to the Sponsor — Large companies get more than 500 emails and letters in a month asking for sponsorship. Your emails and letters have to be different and this is possible only by changing your approach. For example, you can try making unique paper presentations, providing facts in an interesting format, etc. It is all in the presentation; if you make it unique, you are more likely to get a response.

o Use Industries That You Might Have Never Have Approached — Most bands approach companies that are already in the music field. These companies may have long-standing deals with well-established artists. They do invest with upcoming artistes but you may not get exactly what you are looking for. It is a far better idea to approach industries that are not related to your field. For example, local mom-and-pop stores, grocery stores, etc. to cross-promote your band.

o Don’t Expect Freebies — Sponsors may offer freebies but you should not consider freebies as a given. Some sponsors offer discount goods and this is a good sponsorship deal as well. For example, if you can get a musical instrument company to sponsor your band in exchange for free lifelong instrument maintenance; it is a wonderful deal. Not only are you promoting your sponsor, but you are also building a lifelong working partnership with them where they value you as a customer as well.

As you can, finding a good sponsor is possible if you are careful. All you require is a little hard work and patience and you could find a really great deal for your band.

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