Great Tips For Cooking With Beef


For many people, beef is the ultimate meal. There’s nothing like a juicy steak or tasty roast. Yet cooking beef can be tricky. Cook it too long and it will be dry, tough and tasteless. Preparing beef, though, is actually easy if you follow a few simple rules. Neither do you have to break the bank. Here are some tips for cooking beef that will make you a star in the kitchen.

Learn the Different Cuts

Some of the lesser known, which translates to less expensive, cuts of beef, such as hanger, skirt, flank, short ribs, sirloin tip or tri-tip, if you marinade them first and prepare them on the grill. Give them a chance and they will taste just as good as a ribeye or filet.

Cooking Time

If it’s lean, cook it hot and fast. This is particularly important if want to avoid steaks that taste like hockey pucks.If it’s fatty, cook it low and slow.

Ask Your Butcher Questions

No matter where you buy your beef, your butcher should be your best friend. Whenever you have concerns, simply ask.

Shop Weekly Ads

Are you looking for a great deal? Shop the weekly ads where you can often finds bargains and ideal opportunities to stock up on the more expensive cuts of beef. Beef freezes well, so put extras in the freezer for a tasty meal later on.

Use Salt

In fact, don’t be afraid to use salt… Beef shouldn’t be overly seasoned, though salt is the one season that beef loves. The number one method of turning an ordinary steak into something special is to season liberally. For grilling, salt steaks and hour before grilling. After 30 minutes a salted steak will hold moisture in better, resulting in a tastier steak.

Slice Thinly for Big Crowds

Whenever you are feeding lots of people, get a large flank, skirt or top round steak and slice before serving. Guests will eat less than if you place a portion on everyone’s plate. It is also a great way to experiment with new and interesting recipes that everyone will enjoy.

With a little bit of research and the proper seasoning, you can turn beef into a truly special meal.

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