Interesting Facts About Cruise Ships


Many people spend their vacations by heading out to the open seas on luxurious ocean cruisers. If you are planning on going on a cruise, here are some interesting facts about cruise ships you may want to know about before you leave shore.

The Allure of the Seas and the Oasis of the Seas, a pair of ships operated by Royal Caribbean International, are tied for the largest cruise ships in the world in terms of size and capacity. Both are 1,187 feet long (the equivalent of approximately four football fields) and can accommodate more than 5,400 passengers. The Oasis of the Seas once had to increase its speed to lower its profile in the water in order to pass underneath a suspension bridge in Denmark. The ship narrowly made it with about 20 inches to spare.

Somewhere in the North Atlantic, an abandoned Russian cruise ship has been adrift since January 2013. Built in 1976, the Lyubov Orlova broke loose from its cable as it was being towed to a Dominican Republic scrapyard. A supply vessel briefly secured it before the ship broke loose again and eventually ended up in international waters.

A study published in 2004 concluded that retiring to life on a cruise ship provides a high quality of life and in some cases, is just as cost effective as moving into a retirement home.

The World is a cruise ship that actually serves as a permanent residence for anyone who is lucky enough to secure one of its 165 homes. The ship continuously navigates the globe offering its passengers an exclusive lifestyle that is unequaled. Each home has a private veranda and residents wake up in a different location every few days.

The maiden voyage of the Titanic aside, cruise ships in general offer one of the safest ways to travel. Despite that, cruising does have its perils. An average of 200 passengers die while cruising every year and since 2001, nearly 200 people have vanished. Cruise ships do not carry a blood supply, so medics rely only on staff and passengers for blood donations in case of an emergency.

Cruising the open seas can offer a temporary escape from the concrete jungle or become a way of life for those who can afford it. Either way it is an experience that is impossible to match on dry land.

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