What Are The Different Types Of Onions?


Onions are a tantalizing option for adding a dash of flavor to food, but did you know they differ in size, color, texture and flavor? That’s right and perhaps the reason why your salads have tasted funny despite following the recipe. However, all that is about to change once you get to learn the different types of onions.

Cipollini Onions

They are commonly found during the spring-summer season and have a characteristic flat look. They are slightly sweeter compared to normal onions and would be ideal for sandwiches or your salad. Cipollini also come in red color; these are a bit rare but once you find them they are worth the while.


They also belong to the onion family with a sweet taste. You can distinguish them with their golden brown color on the outside and they commonly show up in a lot of French cuisine. If you are thinking of a bean casserole or beurre blance sauce for dinner, these onions should be a must have. Their crispiness is delicious when used as toppings on sauces and casseroles.

Red Onions

They are commonly found in the market, and probably the reason why your guests cringed when they took a bite of your salad. You can never try caramelize them though their rich flavor pops out once grilled. Just slice them up to thick rings, oil them and sprinkle salt/pepper on top before tossing them into the oven.

Pearl Onions

They are called baby onions as well for they are smaller compared to red onions. If you are thinking of a pot of stew or soup, they are the best onions for the occasion. Here is the best part; you can cook them whole leaving their texture and sweetness popping in your mouth.

Green Onions

Also called Scallions, they are a favorite of the Asians in most of their cuisines. You will know them by their long green leaves with a white bottom and their mildness compared to normal onions. Just slice them up into tiny rings and toss them into your salad or soup.

So now you know the different types of onions and how to use them in your cooking.

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