How Music Affects Your Productivity

146816384Music can have either a positive or negative affect on your productivity, depending on the type of work you’re doing and what sort of music you listen to. Overall, the right music in the right setting can provide real benefits for both your mood and your level of work.

Music Without Lyrics

Music without lyrics can help your productivity if you’re doing tasks that require mental concentration. Lyrics can be a distraction if your job requires critical thinking, because the lyrics will essentially compete for brain space. Melodies without words can actually help you think more clearly, however, because of the simple cadences and the steady rhythm. It can also help silence outside distractions, such as people talking nearby or disruptive noises happening around you like loud construction.

Music With Lyrics

Music with lyrics work well for helping you complete tasks that require manual labor. Choose something upbeat that naturally motivates and invigorates you. If you do need to think a bit as you work, you may want to choose music you’re already familiar with. If you already know what’s coming next in a song or track, your brain won’t be distracted in anticipation of the unknown. When the music is familiar, it can remain in the background while you concentrate on the task at hand. Just like music without lyrics, music with lyrics can also help drown out outside noises that could be distracting.

Types of Music

Studies have shown that classical music has a positive affect on productivity, especially that from the Baroque period. Electronic music can also be helpful, because it is repetitive in a way that aids focus and internal rhythm. With electronic music, your brain won’t be distracted by sudden shifts in tone and tension. Some video game soundtracks also work well, as much of it is designed to provide ambiance to a gamer without hindering the gamer’s focus. The SimCity soundtrack is a popular choice in this genre.

The next time you find yourself getting tired at your desk or wishing you had something to keep your mind occupied while you work on a mindless task, you might want to consider listening to music. In the right situations, music helps more than hinders, and it provides a natural antidote to boredom and fatigue.

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